FEA Information News  Week 02/17/2015

LS-DYNA sales, support in Poland
     EC Engineering     http://www.ec-e.pl/

IMPLICIT Part 2 by By Yun Huang, LSTC

   (part 1 Presentation,  contact huang@lstc.com - Subject line Part 1)

     10th European LS-DYNA  - June 15 – 17 June in Würzburg, Germany




LS-DYNA Subscription Services for current Customers:

JSOL Japan - uses chosen cloud services for their customers

Penguin Computing - www.penguincomputing.com

Gompute  - www.gompute.com

BETA CAE Systems S. A. Announces the release of ANSA uETA V 15.2.0

We will be at the 10th European LS-DYNA Conference June 15-17th 2015 in Wurzburg, Germany