Livermore Software Technology Corporation - Develops and supports LS-DYNA, LS-PrePost, LS-OPT, LS-TaSC, LSTC ATD and Barrier Models. 
OASYS, Ltd - Oasys Suite of pre- and post-processing software for use with LS-DYNA.
Oasys PRIMER - Oasys D3PLOT - Oasys T/HIS
JSOL Corporation - Specializing in Research & Consulting; System Consulting, Frontier Business, System Integration and Science Consulting.
Engineering Technology Associates Inc. -  ETA provides engineering and IT services and has created the streamlined simulation software packages DYNAFORM and VPG (Virtual Proving Ground).
 ESI Group  - Providing virtual prototyping for manufacturing industries that takes into account the physics of materials. ESI's solutions fit into into a single collaborative and open environment for End-to-End Virtual Prototyping  
BETA CAE Systems S.A - Specializes in the development of state of the art CAE pre- and post-processing software systems. The company, focusing on meeting customers requirements, is committed to its mission.
Gompute  Delivers Turn Key solutions for High Performance Computing, Storage, and High Availability systems for Simulation and Data intensive applications.

Cray - Cray supercomputers provide superior sustained performance on critical applications, scalability to handle larger problems and the reliability to run jobs to completion.

Lancemore - FE Analysis support and consulting - CAE material data services (including non-linear CAE material data)

Terrabyte - CAE software sale & customer support.  CAE service --- consultation, material property test, drop test.  Software R&D --- CAE solver, database system and GUI

Penguin Computing - Delivering integrated, Linux-based solutions for the enterprise and HPC space. Offers an end-to-end portfolio of products -  HPC clusters and cluster management software.

 Lenovo -   Lenovo is dedicated to building exceptionally engineered PCs, mobile Internet devices and servers spanning entry through supercomputers.   Lenovo acquired IBM’s x86 server business in 2014.